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Darren Robinson

Sometimes you have to get to a point where enough is enough. At an annual physical, a couple years ago, I weighed in at 310 pounds. From my blood-work, I was told my triglycerides were so high (over 900) that they could not accurately determine my cholesterol levels but that they were probably “through the roof”. I was also informed that I was “pre-diabetic”. I was on Blood pressure medication, acid reflux medication, and ate tums like they were candy several times a day. I decided I needed to change some things in my life if I wanted to “enjoy” myself in my golden years. I needed to take care of ME. I started a lifestyle change that included regular exercising and some dietary changes. I didn’t “diet” but merely changed some things in how and what I ate. I started out by cutting out as much processed sugar as I could. Then stopped eating “fast food” and my wife started cooking healthier versions of our favorite foods. Substituting ground beef for lean ground turkey made no difference in taste to things like meatloaf and chili. Also, using whole wheat pasta for things like lasagna and macaroni along with the lean ground turkey. We found out that portion control was key. Exercise was the hardest. Many times, I wanted to quit. Many times, (at first) I couldn’t even get through a 30-minute workout without stopping several times because I was literally out of breath. But I was determined to make the changes I needed for my health. It took several weeks but eventually, the workouts got easier (actually I got stronger) and I started adding more weight training to the workouts. Last summer I entered and completed my very first “obstacle race”. 5K run/course with over 25 difficult and challenging obstacles (think “Junior American Ninja Warrior” type stuff) including a “warped wall”. I was able to get through all of the obstacles and I can’t put into words how WONDERFUL it felt to complete something like this at 57 years old. I decided to help others and am currently studying for, and about halfway finished, to getting my personal trainer certification. I have lost and have kept off the weight, I am going on a year now of being off my blood pressure and acid reflux meds, I haven’t had a need for any tums in well over a year. The only bad thing is I had to buy all new clothes in much smaller sizes…. But that’s not REALLY a bad thing, is it???