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Debbie Rice Forand

A few years ago getting older and turning 50 knowing I had this boy to always take care of brought me to a lot of fears and tears! I was fearful that I was going to not be able to take care of him because of how I was feeling! I was so tired. I was so sick all the time, and I was growing older and life was getting harder! I was forced to leave a career to care for my son so now anxiety over money began to set in. I knew I had to change, my life had to change! So now that I have found what works and I have changed my life. Everyone needs something empowering in their life, and maybe we need to have something change to see it. For me, it was not only the weight loss but the changes in my health. I started structured fitness, began drinking Shakeolgy, and learned how to eat for my body! I now no longer take medications for the Fibromyalgia, I now no longer suffer from that chronic pain, and I know longer fight chronic depression. I am now a more positive healthier upbeat person who has the energy and health to take care of her family! You see we all are going to age but it doesn’t mean we have to look it or feel it! You see we all are going to age but it doesn’t mean we have to look it or feel it! It was such an amazing blessing to me and my family I became a coach to help and show others it is possible. This was the miracle that I needed after being forced to leave my career. I now devote my days to paying it forward helping others as a health and mindset coach in private Facebook groups that I invite you all to join, just message me! Joining these groups when I first started was the missing link!! They helped me learn about the right nutrition, support me through the workouts, and was there for me when I thought it wasn’t possible, and when I succeeded!!

Through fitness and nutrition, anything is possible!!!