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Kath Schnorr

Kath Schnorr Certified Professional Co-Active Coach Abundance Intelligence Certified Leader www.kathschnorr.com 719.338.0979
  Each of us has a unique gift to share with the world. Are you ready to find your voice, make a difference, and leave a legacy?  I am passionate about supporting women in defining and creating their life so it works for them…because I know it is possible. I coach my clients back to themselves; to create the life they know in their heart is possible. My clients define work of their own with a three step process: 1). Tell Yourself the Truth – where are you now and where do you want to go. 2). Align Your Life – with your values, strengths, and passion. 3). Find Your Voice – by integrating your life experiences and share your unique gift with the world to make a difference. Coaching with Kath, you will listen to and trust your own internal wisdom and the divine unfolding of your life. You will experience authentic success, joy and an effortless flow in your life. True happiness and success comes when you are true to yourself; passionate about what you do and share your unique gift with the world.